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Revision Tools & Games: Cram cards, Quizlets and more



Best of the Web

Channel Top web sites for French, German and Spanish with interactive learning games linked to Channel 4's  series. Great for all students!    Learning          Just-for-Fun             Favourites            

Dictionaries and Glossaries

Video Clips from  the BBC Learning Zone: KS3 GCSE  

          Verbs On-line: French, German & Spanish    GCSE Revision Resources

TES Collections: Grammar  Revision




French resources and links for all levels French

OCR GCSE French specification and related materials from September 2009

German resources and links for all levels German

OCR GCSE German specification and related materials from September 2009

Spanish resources and links for all levels Spain

BBC languages - Spanish

Other links

  Italian resources and links for all levels (not currently taught)


European Awareness links



French & German grammar exercises


Sixth Form: AS & A level information, resources and links

            For simplified OCR specification / course structure click here

Download a zip-folder (47k) containing all you need to know about the topic content of your GCSE French / German course. (Word document format)

BBC Languages portal: French & German gauges. How good are you?



Other useful links to sites for various languages


Multilingual song book

The Grid (Hertfordshire)

Multilingual talking glossaries

MFL Games

Super sites: French, German and Italian

Hello World! Multi-lingual site for Yr7 


  Temporary links. Sites worthwhile exploring


Miscellany & Just-for-Fun

Click on flag to listen to anthems

Songs and students'  pin-board

French e-greeting cards free!

How well do you know your European geography? Find out here!

Make your own French/German quizzes and games

Language game building site 


  Best of the Web

Recent top web sites for French and German are interactive learning activities linked to Channel 4's new series Extr@ for KS4 and Hennings Haus and Chez Mimi for KS3. Great for all students! The second TV series of Extr@ is now available in the library.

Click here

The Simpsons web-sites in French and German

Search engines for French, Spanish  & German 


Top favourite Simon Balle sites: 

DCFS recommended interactive web sites:

Vocabulary & grammar exercises (French & German)

Listening exercises with video clips