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I Want My Banana!/Je Veux ma Banane!


Monkey’s hungry, but he can’t find his banana. Some fearsome jungle creatures offer him tasty alternatives, but monkey isn’t convinced of their generosity.



Goodnight Everyone/Bonne Nuit à Tous


It’s Martha’s bedtime, but first she has to say goodnight to all her cuddly friends: teddy, penguin, monkey and little mouse. They’re all tucked in - but will there be space for Martha?



Lucy Cat at the Farm/Lucie Chat a la Ferme


A delightful strip cartoon story for early language learning featuring the adventures of a feisty cat called Lucy who always saves the day. The simple bilingual text is in speech bubbles and captions and arranged in a practical double strip, French above, English below, so that the story can be read in one language or the translation easily checked. In this title Lucy saves the farm animals from the raging bull.







Software which allows pupils to create stories with speech bubbles etc.


books and CDRoms   - mainly French