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  Best of the web

Channel 4's award winning interactive language learning game web sites 

BBC Languages site

Mi Vida Loca: interactive video drama in Madrid

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Spanish links


    The Spanish-speaking world

    Language learning sites

    Fun & miscellany, songs, music to download etc.

   Mira  Listening exercises: Index     

    Mira schemes of work

Spanish teacher (staff resources)



Spanish search engines

Atantôt: Big bright learning activities for KS3 and 4 Spanish

Linguascope: Big bright learning activities for KS3 and 4 Spanish

Mira 1 audio resources to download (1st year of study) 

What's the weather like in Spain? 

Selected sites with interactive grammar exercises

All sorts of interactive exercises and games Languages on-line (hover over button for info') 

Travlang: Interesting site to browse for all sort of languages

Colourful basic website and links for Spanish

BBC Spanish language learning links site

Channel 4: Extra

Spanish Bitesize GCSE revision

Spanish Bitesize mp3 download site for GCSE revision

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The Spanish Speaking World

Cultural guide

Interactive map

South America

Tourist info for Madrid

Find out information about Spanish towns, cities and regions

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Language Learning Sites (mostly for KS3 & 4)

Grammar exercises 

Channel 4: Extra

Interactive language learning site with videos and self correcting exercises

BBC Languages home page. Links to video clips, role play and other listening exercises (requires Real Player)

BBC Spanish home page

"Quia" language learning site with excellent interactive topic revision games

Spanish TV


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AS & A Level sites

SBS 6th Form

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Fun Links & Miscellany


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