MFL Year 8 & 9 Poetry Contest


Winners: Joe Veck, Ella Benjamin for individual poems in French and joint compositions

by Hannah Crawford / Alice Sapsted and Derran Hufford / Chris Hill in German.


Das Universum                                              Le Monde


Das Universum                                         Le monde est en danger.

So dunkel wie die Nacht;                             Il y a de la pollution dans l’air!

Sterne,                                                Le monde est en danger.

Sie scheinen so hell.                                  Il est malade!

Le monde est en danger.     

So heiß wie die Sonne,                               Ce n’est pas juste!

So kühl wie das Planetenlicht,                        Le monde est en danger.

                        Il doit être sain encore;

Um das Universum herum,                            Vous ne le voyez pas? ECOUTEZ!

Dahin möchte ich fliegen,                            NOTRE MONDE EST EN DANGER!

Ins Universum,                                                        Ella Benjamin

So leise, so still.

Hannah / Alice


Meine Welt                                                  La Gentillesse


Das Meer ist so unvorhersehbar,                     Aussi grande qu’une montagne,

Wie ein Ninja in der Nacht.                         Aussi petite qu’une souris,

Der gewaltige Sturm gegen das Land,                Aussi élevé que le ciel,

Wie eine Schlacht                                    Aussi profonde qu’une caverne,

Zwischen zwei Banden;                                Aussi brillant que le soleil,

Darin liegt das Geheimnis der ganzen Welt,         Aussi mystérieuse…

So geheimnisvoll wie ein Traum.                              …que la voie lactée.

Derren / Chris                                                                                       Joe Veck



·          The universe, as dark as the night, stars, they shine so brightly, As hot as the sun, as cool as the planet light, round and round the universe,

·          that’s where I’d like to fly, into the universe, so quiet and calm.


·          My world / The sea is as unpredictable as a ninja in the night. The mighty storm against the land, like a battle between two gangs.

·          Therein lies the secret of the whole world, as secretive as a dream.


·          The world is in danger, there’s pollution in the air, the world is in danger, it’s sick, the world is in danger, it’s not fair, the world is in danger,

·           It must get well again; don’t you see, LISTEN!, OUR WORLD IS IN PERIL!


·          Kindness / As big as a mountain, as small as a mouse, as lofty as the sky, as deep as a cave, as shiny as the sun, as mysterious…as the milky way.