MFL Young Leaders Award

The Young Leaders Awards in sports, MFL and other subject areas have made a great impact on the teaching of young people over the last 15 years. The SBS Foreign Language Leader Award hopes to engage a whole new group of young leaders. The scheme has been highly successful and is targeted at the Year 10 students. In the 2011-12 programme there are 30 places available. Places will be allocated on a first-come first-serve basis.

Training will be outside school time and would entail real involvement with partner primary schools (Mill Mead, Bengeo, Morgans and Abel Smith) and/or younger students in the school. Students would plan, prepare, trial and deliver learning activities for and with the younger students, with an eye to developing and demonstrating leadership skills through French, German and Spanish activities.

There is no enrolment fee, however students will be expected to be fully committed to the team, as failure to prepare and engage will adversely affect the whole group. The award is certificated and will be awarded in July.

If you think your son / daughter might benefit from this and would be interested, please could you complete and return the form below to Mrs Figgis (MFL Dept) with your child’s name and tutor group, including a contact telephone number and your e-mail. More information will be given in class and can be obtained from Mrs Figgis or myself.

More information about the nature of the skills to be developed can be obtained from the department web-site: and on the school’s main site under Beyond the classroom/Student Leaders.

RJ Taylor, Head of MFL Department

v     2012-13 applications: open

MFL Olympic Festival

14th September 2012


In the spirit of this Olympic Year the MFL and PE departments jointly held a Foreign Languages Olympic Festival attended on Friday 14th September attended by 170 KS2 pupils from Mill Mead, Bengeo and Morgans schools.

The event involved the primary pupils interacting with each other in various sporting activities using French, German or Spanish. The event also included a Paralympic activity, Goalball.

The groups were lead by our 31 Young MFL Leaders who are now in Year 11 studying for their GCSEs in French, German or Spanish.

The day culminated with all involved gathering in the hall for the awards and prizes for sportsmanship and also for proactive involvement using the foreign language throughout the activities.

R Taylor, Head of MFL


Pictures of the day: click here


My Experience as a Young MFL Leader

Amber Paske, 10SC

On Thursday 2nd February, thirty-one Year 10 students went to Mill Mead, Bengeo, Morgans and Abel Smith Primary schools. I went to Mill Mead to assist in teaching French to a group of year four students. I really enjoyed my experience.

When we arrived in the minibus and were let into the school, we all felt a sense of reminiscence at the sight of the tiny coat pegs and small chairs. We were introduced to the children and were allowed to rearrange the room.



The children were sent to us in groups of 3-4 and we each taught them a series of 10-15 minute lessons. I taught them about clothes.

None of us were sure of the students’ ability to begin with but we soon learned that they understood basic words and most of the vocabulary surrounding colour. 

Some of my group had to adjust their lesson plans to suit the children’s ability as we did not want to challenge them too much or patronise them.

The majority of the children were absolutely angelic and behaved impeccably throughout our visit. They were courteous, polite and very sweet. They encouraged one another and seemed very happy to have us at their school. Some people in my group noticed that shiny stickers have a strange hold over young children and that they try very hard in order to receive a badge of praise to wear proudly upon their uniforms.

I learnt a lot from my visit to Mill Mead. I think that I probably learnt more from the children than they did from me. I learnt that the lesson must be very structured and that one must plan to the time appropriately. I also learnt that the children may not understand some of the humour that one tries to use, another thing that I learnt was that one must have a lot of patience with young children and explaining things more than once and in a variety of ways  is important because the children may not comprehend what one wants them to do if this is not done.  

I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing and teaching the children again and I hope to put what I learnt into practice in April.

 6th February 2012


Celebrating Young MFL Leaders: Hertford Mercury July 2009.


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