Languages at work

Whether you are in Year 9 choosing your options for GCSE or in Year 11 thinking about courses for AS /A2 the following links give you the necessary information to make an informed choice: will foreign language skills be useful in my further career path?


A very informative and entertaining careers advice site for Year 9, Yr 11 and Yr13 students

Why learn a MFL? (2015 version pptx)

Why learn a MFL? (Open Evening ppt presentation)

Who wants to be a £inguist ? The millionaire game. Try it out here!

Link to CILT - Languages at Work Languages at Work: why choosing a MFL at KS4 is a good idea!

Yr 11 / 12 / 13:

Possible career-paths with a MFL:   

Languages & careers information from CILT


Languages @ Work presentations for Year 9 Students showing how languages skills can help in the world of work.

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