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Year 9 Options Brochures: French, German & Spanish 

Thinking of dropping MFLs at the end of Year 9 ? - Think again! - CLICK HERE..........

  MFL Awards and Ruth Bate Memorial Award roll of honour

Link to CILT - Languages at Work Languages at Work: why choosing a MFL at KS4 is a good idea!

Year 9 bakes a traditional German Chocolate Marble Gugelhupf Cake! (video)


Mme Figgis reads La Fontaine's fables:

The Fox and the Crow & The Cicada and the Ant


Year 7HL read El Grúfalo: videoaudio only (mp3)



Glaube nur: A collection of 20 poems by Year 10 (July 2012)


Test your proficiency in French, German, Spanish and Italian

  Language task building tools, virtual speakers, avatars and cartoon builders

Opens in Word format Year 8 and  9 poems in French and German. 

Mr Taylor's top tip for success at MFL

Xhosa: Links for our South African partner school

Before You Know It! Download free language learning games!

MFL link with Mill Mead, Morgans & Bengeo Primary Schools

Foreign Languages Leader Awards .... click here to find out more!  

Lingua-Saver: screensaver to download. Learn vocabulary while doing nothing!








Easy Link resources for SBS staff and students 

Super Sites portal: French German & Italian state-of-the-art links

  Listening tasks linked to course-books 

Web-quests and quizzes

       Learning Resources for SBS students only. Password required.

  Year 12 and 13 French: Keep up-to-date with French current affairs the easy way!

  Your virtual German language assistant with model answers as video-clips for all your GCSE questions. (Note this link requires your SBS username and password. If the video files do not load, right click and save target to your desktop or folder):                 

Download sound files of all the possible GCSE oral questions and sample answers: French   & German  

Independent reading and resources International Children's Library I.C.L.  International Children's Library Simple Search  Search

é Accent codes    





 Best of the Web 

Recent top web sites for French and German are interactive learning activities linked to Channel 4's new series Extr@ for KS4 and Hennings Haus and Chez Mimi for KS3. Great for all students! The second TV series of Extr@ is now available in the library.

Channel Resources 

   TV5 website  TF1website NRJ 12 TV

The Simpsons web-sites in French and German

Yahoo search engines for French & German







Linguascope (get login details from your teacher)

Zut & Gut (no login needed after 4pm)

Vocabulary & grammar exercises (French & German)

Listening exercises with video clips

Worth exploring: Games, French / German TV & radio links etc.

BBC languages home page  

BBC Bite-size French 

BBC Bite-size German 

Wild French 

Bonjour de France 







Do Languages Matter?

     Clever Trevor! (windows movie) 

        Routes into languages 

        Languages work 

           Languages @ Work initiative for Year 9. 

    Foreign Languages have been made optional as from September 2003. What is your attitude to your child learning a foreign language?

  Gifted & Talented Updates  

  Open Evenings: Visit the virtual presentation!







MFL Miscellany!

French interactive  / multimedia detective stories

Digital Dialects - Samples of world languages! Great fun to explore.

  École des vedettes: Big Brother  Pop Idol meets French Language fun!

 Sponge Bob sites in French and German.

 Great fun at La Cité des Sciences. Also in German.

Who wants to be a £inguist ? The millionaire game. Try it out here!    


tictac? - - -  cliquez ici! - - -  Click me!

Voici Timmy: French TV Timmy Time web site with videos!  

 Madagascar 1 and 2 trailers: French 1 2 and German  1 2

 Eiszeit: German KS4 interactive movie exercises:         

Shrek 2 en français!        

  Shrek 3 en français! Film clips:    dossier                    


Learn about French cuisine with Rémy (Ratatouille)  

 Film clips:     Images: Scripts:    

 ...and now also in German! External link to official site   (Link to downloaded files on SBS server - requires password right click to download)

French and German games with Rodney and friends: F   G  

Fun with the Cars characters:  F   G  

  Nemo en français    Problems? click here!

...und auf Deutsch  les images / die Bilder

TV advertisements using MFLs. How much can you understand?

Les Simpson / Die Simpsons

French TV on-line (6th Form)  

 Christmas around the world






Support Materials

  Usborne Books 

 Special offers on revision resources: Big discounts on revision guides and dictionaries.  See Mr Taylor for details.