The Ruth Bate MFL Award


Student Year Group Date Comment
James Baker 13 French 16th Dec. 2009 Meeting all 7 criteria of the award
Louisa Bishop 11 Italian 1st April 2010 "
Georgina Braggins 10 German 10th July 2010 Meeting all criteria through Young MFL leaders programme and pro-active involvement in the Language Festival
Georgia-Meg Tatam 11 French 7th April 2011 Meeting all criteria through  pro-active and sustained enthusiasm over Key Stage 4
Emily Baker 12 French 17th July 2012 Jointly awarded for being positive and proactive
Harry York 12 French 17th July 2012 role models for younger MFL learners
Samatha Clements 13 French 5th Dec. 2013 Jointly awarded for academic progress
Alastair Easton 13 French 5th Dec 2013 and publicly promoting MFL at SBS
Chloe Smith 10 French 22nd July 2015 Jointly awarded for outstanding performance in the Young MFL Leaders Programme and fully
Alex Willis 10 German 22nd July 2015 meeting all the criteria for the Ruth Bate Award

Awarded termly in recognition of outstanding performance

1.  Personal achievement
2.  Commitment
3.  Creativity
4.  Participation
5.  Enthusiasm
6.  Assisting others
7.  Promoting MFL by example


History of the award

Ruth Bate was a language teacher at Simon Balle school who died in January 1989. In her will she left a sum of money in a trust fund to be used to promote MFL at the school. Awards were made for a number of years following her death; however due to staffing changes, the fund was forgotten, assumed spent.  In June 2009, the bank holding the account contacted the school and enquiries were made. The remaining trustees agreed to the proposal that, rather than spending the remaining balance, a permanent award should be set up in Ruth's name which recognises the qualities listed above in students in any year group. The following link will open an extract from the eulogy  given by her MFL colleague, Mr Keith Wolton in her honour at an assembly on 26th January 1989 to students and staff.  The shield and a list of students who have received the award is permanently displayed in the MFL department.  It is hoped that this award will preserve memory and some of the qualities of  Ruth Bate as well as recognising the achievements of a new generation.

                                                                                        R Taylor, HoD MFL, 5 October 2009




  Personal Achievement Awards

Medal and certificate awarded termly to one student in each MFL class in each Year and presented at assembly for personal achievement.

A certificate of merit is awarded to the second nominee in each class



  Young MFL Leader Awards

Awarded in July annually. Click here and follow the links for more details.