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Archived 19th March 2007

  Students from Le Collège de Sèvres made their return visit to Hertford, 23rd February - 2nd March 2006 . This was the last exchange programme with this school

For details about the new French Exchange programme (see above), visit our partner schools' sites via the links on the extracurricular page 






Archived 19th March 2007


  Simon Balle School - Collège de Sèvres Exchange 2005-06

Visit our the Collège de Sèvres site.

Read their "Blog" about their return visit to Hertford

Thank-you greetings card from 2004 exchange French students to SBS hosts 







Archived 19th March 2007


        Collège de Terreville, Martinique (pen-friends)

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Archived 30th April  2007


        Feedback from French Exchange students 2006-7. Click here




Newpaper article: larger version


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Archived 29th March  2008


German Exchange 2007-08 Programme

        2007-08 Programme cancelled due to lack of interest.

  Wish you were here?

    Open to current Years 7 to 10.
    Information letters available from Mr Taylor
    German students come to UK in September
    SBS students to Germany July 
    Maximum cost per capita £290* subject to final flight cost

The 2006-07 exchange programme marked the 26th anniversary of the partnership between the Buigen-Gymnasium, in Herbrechtingen near Stuttgart and Simon Balle School .  

Both the 2004-05 and the 2006-07 programmes proved to be great successes. Our partner school has created a wonderful website to celebrate the event with a day by day account of the programme. 

Click on their logo to visit their site.

Many thanks to Herr Schaub in Germany for giving our students such a memorable and unique experience. We look forward to many more happy exchanges in the future.  

If you would like to know more about the MFL department’s extracurricular initiatives, please do not hesitate to contact me.   RJ Taylor (Head of MFL Dept. )

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Archived 30th March  2008


Российский клуб ! Russian Club: . See Mr Taylor for details. 

CBLC resources: Find out more about the new Year 11 Business French qualification The new Business French qualification






Archived 8th May  2008


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Archived 17th May  2008







Archived 28 October 2010

Web-logs / "Blogs" linked to French & German projects - April 2006

    The 2006 German Exchange with our partner school near Stuttgart,  marked 26 years of the link. Click here for further details. 



Archived 8th May 2013



MFL Olympic Festival (14th September 2012): A big  success. Click here to find out more.


  Un Grand Merci! The 2011-12 exchange with Le Collège Aliénor d'Aquitaine in Brantôme was, once again, a great success.  UK students were in France in October and the French students were with us from 9-16 May 2012. Thanks are due to the staff involved and particularly the host families in the UK and in France whose welcome and hospitality during the respective visits helped strengthen our links with the partner school. 


Next year we will be giving the exchange a geographical focus in France as it is an excellent opportunity to extend our study of rivers, mountains and the coast.  It will benefit all students who have an interest in improving their French or who want to know more about this part of the world. The week will also include recreational trips.


·         Cost:  £250 (may be less depending on air fare)

·         Includes: All travel, insurance, all visits and entrance fees in France

          and all meals will be provided by the French family

·         Duration: 7 days  mid-October 2012

·         Return visit: (French partners to UK) May 2013

·         Accommodation is on a reciprocal basis with the French family

Application forms can be obtained from Mme Figgis, e-mail  or visit our site at .

Read the newSBytes article 18th March 2010

If you would like any further information about the 2011-2012 exchange, click here or contact Mr RJ Taylor or Mrs Figgis on 01992 410 400 ex 206 or via e-mail



Archived 8th May 2013


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Archived 8th May 2013

Polly Glott   Following the success of the first Festival of Languages  on 1st July 2010, the 2011 event which took place on Thursday 30th June proved to be equally successful. Read more here.  

Click on the links for the 2010   programme, NewsBytes item, the video  and the photos. 

This year's festival (2012) takes on an Olympic theme on 13th July with KS2 pupils from Abel Smith, Mill Mead, Bengeo Morgans Primary Schools.




Archived 8th May 2013


Arsenal FC Languages Double-Club - another way to promote MFL. 

 Click here to find out more. Click here for  football vocabulary and images  of the Double Club French Day  and Group Pictures 2010 and  2011. For more information e-mail Mr J Kay.



Archived 8th May 2013

Information regarding the German Work Placement scheme via The Friends of Wildeshausen.

Partner school in Germany for internet projects

Follow our blog here 


Archived 8th May 2013

Spanish is now taught as well as German as the second MFL. For more details regarding MFL curriculum development click here. Also visit the Spanish resources page here




Archived 8th May 2013



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Archived 8th May 2013


The French Exchange for the current Year 9 and 10 with the Collège Aliénor d'Aquitaine, Brantôme, the "Venice of France" takes place annually.  Visits in France include prehistoric caves, the historic city of Périgueux, Futuroscope, Accrobranche* and much more.  Contact Mr Taylor or Mme Figgis for information and add  a student's name to the advance list. Click on the icon above to find out more! Subject to variations in programme.

EU Youth Portal video




Archived 8th May 2013


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